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Harry Potter and the Hoax of Durmstrang
What is a *fenix*?

Learn about where Fenix*Fetherz aquired the name!

Hi! I know many of you are wondering why my name is Fenix*Fetherz. Good question. Here is the history of my peculiar name:

In a visit to a friend, PhoenixDove, I was inspired by her name and chose to be PhoenixFeatherz as we were working on a project together. Eventually, I was grew attached to the name and aquired the email

A PHOENIX is a lovely immortal bird with beautiful feathers of an assortment of colors. Its beauty is beyond words. The bird is one of a kind and there is but one on earth at a time. The phoenix is immortal and never withers, as it is recreated into an even better phoenix every few centuries.

PhoenixDove encouraged me to keep my name so the two of us would always have a special bond. I am Fenix*Fetherz, and she is PhoenixDove, always my true friend.



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