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Harry Potter


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"Harry! Harry, it's Durmstrang!"

Harry's eyes narrowed. Was Hermione playing a trick, or was she telling the truth? Harry made his decision, for Hermione hardly ever joked about matters like this. But how could it possibly be true? "Hermione," he said slowly, "Are you SURE about that?" Ron snickered.

"Honestly, Harry. Anyone can fool you. Can't you see she's kidding?" He snorted and burst out laughing, tears almost running down his cheek. His hysterical laugh, however, was cut short by Hermione's glare in his way.

"I am most certainly NOT kidding," she said crisply, "I would know this place if it was under a rock. Last year, Krum told be about his school during the Yule Ball, and he described it in full detail!" she said indignantly and hotly. Harry couldn't help remembering Professor Karkaroff's words, "Don't go telling everyone, they'll figure out where we are," he had boomed to the emminent Viktor Krum. Harry had heard, and he was sure Ron would remember too. Ron was still apprehensive, however, and showed no sign of remembering such a conversation taking place. He didn't seem to believe Hermione and leaned over to get a look at the map himself. As he leaned over, the map began to change once more.

The thin lines of the mountains and meadows remained the same, but small stars began to form. Slowly, approximately one hundred miniscule stars had appeared on the ragged parchment, and words were sliding beside them. It was the return of the Marauder's Map, for the words indicated the names of the students and teachers at Durmstrang. Harry's eyes widened, a light caught in his turquoise eyes and reflected upon the room. He too, leaned over to the map, so close to Ron and Hermione he could see the tiniest freckles on Ron's pale face, and smell the refreshing fragrance of Hermione's hair. Harry forgot about the Marauder's Map for an instant as he caught Hermione's eye. He sank into the soft brown eyes and long eyelashes. He was torn away, however, when Hermione blinked and seemed to realize what was happening. She quickly turned away, blushing. Ron caught her turning, and with inquiring eyes looked at the pair of them. Harry, red in the face as well, looked down toward the Marauder's Map to avoid Ron.

Harry studied the map carefully, looking over all the names to see one he recognized. His eyes scrolled over the page as he scanned it and proceeded to peruse it.

From what was visible in the map, the castle was not an intricate one. Quite the contrary, it was simple and uninteresting. There were hardly but ten staircases compared with the hundreds at Hogwarts, and the dorms seemed much smaller. However, something did catch Harry's eye. There was a row of twelve dungeons, each empty except one. There was a lone star standing in the corner of one of the dozen dungeons, a name Harry recognized with a shiver down his spine.

It was Albus Dumbledore.