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Harry Potter and the Hoax of Durmstrang

Harry Potter and the Hoax of Durmstrang is a new fan fiction about the wizard Harry Potter and his adventures in Hogwarts written by Fenix*Fetherz.

This is the exciting story of Harry Potter and his next year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The year starts off quite normally. Things are finally settling down for Harry Potter, and it seems that this year may be the first year he doesn't have to face death. It seems wrong. Harry, Hermione, and Ron decide to talk to Dumbledore after Professor Snape is especially harsh on them. However, upon the failure of their attempts to find Dumbledore, Harry and his friends realize Dumbledore has disappeared from the castle. Harry wisks out his Marauder's Map. After musing over it for some time, the three friends were astounded to find the map had an attachment to attachment that just might lead them to the notorious...Durmstrang.

Harry and his friends venture off and face danger in it's worst form. Could it be Voldemort after them again, or someone else lurking to murder Harry? Or are they really after Harry...?

This is a story filled with suspense, adventure, thrilling details, of love and friendship, and loyalty at heart.