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The Magical World of Harry Potter

Welcome to the Question of the Week!

This is where each week's HP Question of the Week will be held. A trivia question will be posted weekly. If you know the answer, simply click on feedback and email me the answer. Whoever answers correctly first will get their name/nickname and a comment of their wish posted on this website. When you answer, include your name and comment in your email.

ILuvFred has gotten last week's question correct. Colonel Fubster is a retired man who dog sits Aunt Marges pet dogs
while she's away. Here is what ILuvFred would like to say about Harry Potter:

"Harry Potter should never be
banned because its a great sci-fi book plus its really

Congratulations, ILuvFred! Good luck next time!

ILuvFred has won again! Professor Dumbledore claims he saw in the mirror of Erised himself receiving a pair of thick, woolen socks. Here is ILuvFred's comment:

Harry Potter Rulz!

Good luck to everyone on the next Question of the Week!

Congratulations to Kenny! He has gotten the previous QOW correct! The answer is:

Partvati Patil and Lavender Brown.
They're always hanging on every word she says.
Talk about gullible!

And Kenny's comment is:

Harry Potter ROCKS!!!
Everybody at school says I look like him, but I'm more of mix between
him and Ron!
And I'm DEFINITELY not as cool as him.

Here is this week's question:

Describe Hermione Granger with 15 adjectives. (This tests your English! Use the most accurate words you can! They can be appearance, personality, or anything you wish!)

get this gear!