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Harry Potter


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Entering Durmstrang

Harry stretched his mouth into a wide yawn and struggled to keep his eyes open. It was nearly dawn and the four of them hadn't slept a wink all night. They had only stopped twice for breaks and were fatigued.

He glanced toward the horizon where a thin film of sun was beginning to rise. Mist and fog created an opaque shield about him. Although it was still chilly, the temperature had dramatically risen since the dead of the night. Ron looked at Harry.

"All right there, Harry?"

"Yea...okay, I s'pose. Just a bit tired." Harry stifled another yawn.

"Do you want to stop for another break? I think that would be reasonable, since we're all exhausted. We shouldn't keep going like this, or else we'll never make it," Hermione said.

Su nodded, "Yes, I think Hermione's right...hey, what do you think they're doing in Hogwarts? D'you s'pect Professor McGonagall's gone to fetch us?"

Harry had been thinking along the same lines. What WAS happening in Hogwarts now? Had the teachers discovered the four missing students? Would they be expelled from Hogwarts? Which brought Harry back to the wondering ponder at why Hermione was so eager to go to Durmstrang. Surely she knew of the punishments they faced back at Hogwarts if their mission was unsuccessful. Why had Hermione been so stubborn to go? What did Durmstrang want with Dumbledore anyway? Harry sighed. There were so many questions that needed to be answered. But all he said was, "Yes, let's stop. My arms are getting sore."

They slowly pulled to a stop in front of a small tributary of a river. Ron slumped down on the bank and began to splash water onto his pale face. When the color had returned a bit to Ron's face, he clapped his hands together and exclaimed, "Whew! I am STARVING!" He looked around longingly, hoping for any signs of a meal. Finding none, Ron said cheerily, "Well, there's none here, but we'll find some later on. Let's get going!" But Harry knew inside, Ron was not so optimistic. Neither was he. What had they been thinking? Could it be possible that four students would miraculously find their way into Durmstrang, to which no one else knew the location? However, not wanting to spoil everyone else's mood, Harry merely nodded happily.


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