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Harry Potter


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The Red Haired Girl

Harry slowly drifted back to sleep.
~~~ (A.N. Harry's dream)
A red haired girl in her teens was running around a field in a flowery dress with witch robes over them. Her bright red curls glistened in the sun and dripped down her back as she ran. A boy the same age was chasing behind her, making grabs at her continually. He had messy black hair, jet black like Harry's. Suddenly, the girl toppled onto the grass, the boy falling with her. They lay side by side, laughing until their breath ran, looking up at the clouds. The girl's bright green eyes were bright and her cheeks flushed from exercise. A third boy, rather skinny, walked over to them, his hands on his hips and shaking his head, trying to keep a straight face.
"Lily, Lily, Lily, what did I tell you? James isn't the seeker for no reason! You would have never outrun him."
"Hey! Not fair! I tripped!," the girl replied, still laughing, "And besides, you shouldn't well be talking, Sirius Black! The only reason YOU didn't join is because you'd be even slower!"
Sirius smirked, "The only thing slower than you is Severus that's saying something!"
James's eyes were sparking from laughter,"Hey, cool it, guys!"
Lily interrupted, "And whoever made YOU the compromiser, James Potter?" She hit him on the arm. James responded quickly, bent over and began tickling Lily.
"ACK! No! Don't! Please! Have mercy!" Lily screamed and giggled at the same time, trying her best to wriggle from James's grasp. "JAMES POTTER, LET GO *GASP* OF ME!" James laughed and continued to tickle Lily. Suddenly, miraculously, he found Lily's fist in his mouth.
"OWWW! Dammit, Lily, what the heck was THAT for??" James said, clutching his hands to his mouth.
"That's what you get for tickling me," Lily replied simply.
"Oh, for Heaven's sake," Sirius put in,"you guys are like an old married couple. Drop it, will you? You know what I think? I think you WILL get married and have some kid with black hair and green eyes!" Sirius laughed at his own joke.
Lily and James stopped laughing and edged away from each other.
"EWWW! HIM??? Gross!"
"UGH! ME? MARRY LILY? Sirius, you are WAY our of your puny little mind!"
Sirius innocently hummed to himself, unaware of the commotion he was creating.
Suddenly, the scene changed dramatically.
It was somewhere in a dark room, surrounded by walls with no communication to the outside world. There were no windows, no doors. In the middle of this dismal darkened dungeon was a single figure, surrounded by many other figures. The man was a tall one, in a black cloak and frighteningly bright red eyes. His nose was but slits in his disfigured face. Those around him had all kneeled toward his feet, bowed in deep respect. He snarled in satifaction.
"Is everyone here?," he growled, "I don't take to absenses. They are unloyal and not worth to be a part of this project, as you should call it. A project of the Dark Arts, the Dark Magic, a field in which the most powerful of powers in this world lie. You will all aid me in this project, and soon the world will be ruled by the Dark Magic!" The man laughed an evil laugh.
An uncertain laughter slowly dispersed within the other figures. In one corner was a smaller figure, and but a young woman. From beneath her black robes was a lock of bright red hair.

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