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Harry Potter


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Behind the Marauder's Map

"Professor Dumbledore is...gone..." Harry said in a dazed voice, "Where did he go?" Harry had a blank expression on his face. He sank into a chair in the corner of the room; Hermione and Ron seated themselves beside him. Hermione looked worried at Harry's uncertainty and frowned gently. Ron looked startled, "He can't just be GONE, Harry, he hasn't just disappeared." Harry didn't reply. He tapped carelessly at his map as he sat deep in thought, wondering where Professor Dumbledore was and why he would pick up his things and leave in the middle of a term. "Bet it's something secret," Harry said dully. "Like he went on a mission or something." Harry continued, not quite sure what he was saying, still tapping at his map with his wand in hand, "Some secret place on earth."

This sentence seemed to create somewhat of an effect. The map that had been sitting on the table suddenly stirred. It gave a twirl in midair and gently floated down. The lines of the map slowly began to fade. Ron gaped at the map, not sure what to make of it. Hermione was quiet as the map began to take shape again. New lines were being drawn over the parchment. Hermione looked thoughtfully at it, thinking it rang a bell. She cocked her head as she continued to observe it. The lines depicted mountains and grasslands and a shabby looking castle. There was nothing special about this map. Unlike the Marauder's Map, it had no dots or small letters. It was but a map of some faraway country. Harry raised his eyebrow, thinking it was some joke his father and his friends were playing on them and began to take the map away when Hermione reached out her arm and grabbed his hand. "No, Harry. Don't. Wait." She took the map into her own hands and studied it. There were rows of beautiful mountains encircling the grasslands of the castle. It was familiar, like a long ago dream, musty, but still visible in her mind. She thought hard, and suddenly, it hit her like a rock. "Harry!" She gasped, "Harry, it's Durmstrang!"

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